Workshops with Jenny Davidow, M.A., DCH

Learn Lifetime Tools:

  • Increase self-confidence in social and professional settings
  • Improve both verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Enhance creativity and ability to solve problems
  • Reduce stress and improve health
  • Heal your inner child
  • End nightmares and discover the healing gift every dream offers


Learn the Four Keys of Successful Communication: How to connect nonverbally. Read body language. Build connection through social cues. Build trust by aligning your words and intention.

  • Create new habits of confidence and increased connection with others
  • Discover what communication signals you may be missing
  • Increase your communication skills through practice in gentle group awareness exercises
  • Learn how to generate the physical sensations of confidence and connection – any where, any time!
  • Let your subconscious guide you toward greater freedom, confidence and connection
  • Explore and release the inner blocks that have stopped you in the past
  • Learn how to cultivate a quiet mind without negative chatter

Read Jenny's popular article, “You Had Me at Hello: 5 Ways to Communicate Beneath the Words.”

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Listening skillfully is the key to building trust and connection – in both your personal and professional life. Yet because a large percentage of listening is not about the words, we often miss the most important elements of a communication - and as a result, we lose the connection we are seeking.

  • Learn how to quiet your mind and listen so effectively that the other person feels deeply “heard” by you
  • Practice the keys to “whole-body listening:” listen with your eyes, your heart and your senses, as well as with your ears
  • Send nonverbal signals that greatly increase rapport and build connection

Advanced Listening is essential to building connection with others.

And it is also vital to know how to listen to yourself clearly enough to “know what you know” and to know what you need.

In fact, being a skillful listener requires you to be able to listen to yourself while also listening to others.

At this exciting workshop, you will learn how to “listen” to yourself in a way that nurtures your creativity and wisdom, as well as your connection with others.

  • Discover how to listen to the whispers of creative ideas sent by your subconscious every day
  • Recognize the intuitions and insights that come as images and gut feelings, not in words
  • Learn how to practice “whole-body listening” – increase your self-awareness and connection

Read Jenny's article, “How Well Do You Listen?"

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Overcome the enemies of confidence: Self-doubt, self-criticism, and the physical tension they cause.

In this supportive and liberating hands-on workshop, Jenny will offer guided visualizations and enjoyable exercises. You will gain effective strategies to quiet your inner critic. You will learn how to free up positive energy that will increase your physical comfort and emotional vitality.

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Learn personalized self-hypnosis tools and strategies that will help you break out of anxiety, achieve your goals and meet the challenges of life. These powerful skills can be applied any time, any where. They will energize you and open the way for fresh creativity and increased confidence.

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Secrets of a Lifelong Journaler

This introductory workshop is also available on CD.

Explore four keys to unlock your creativity and relax your inner critic. Creative journaling techniques will invite you to express yourself more fully and with greater freedom than ever before.

Learn how you can face the empty page with a gentle approach that anchors you in this present moment, relieving you from pressure to perform and self-judgment.

Discover how you can claim more sensory aliveness and creative excitement in your journal. Workshop exercises will encourage self-discovery as you express more of your heart, spirit and senses.

Jenny Davidow has kept a daily and dream journal for over 35 years. Her approach, drawn from many writers and teachers as well as a lifetime of journaling, can help make any journal more alive and satisfying. Read her essay on journaling, "To Fly Without Wings," on this website.

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Your inner child is the source of your best creativity, joy in life, and ability to be spontaneous and in the moment. As an adult, this part of you often becomes blocked by painful experiences, fear and disappointment. As a result, you feel a loss in vitality and connection with yourself and others.

Experience re-connecting with the joy of your inner child at this safe and supportive workshop. Meet your inner child in a guided visualization. Get to know the part of you that holds the key to your emotional happiness and well-being. Learn what you can do every day to keep this joyful part of you safe and happy.

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An Introduction to the Creative and Healing Power of Dreams

This introductory workshop is also available on CD.

Explore the fascinating connections between your dreams and your creativity, emotions, health and relationships.

Why are dreams hard to remember or understand? What helpful messages can dreams, or even nightmares, offer?

During this class, you will be invited and guided to use six simple steps to understand a “dream” or symbol that you will spontaneously receive while awake.

You will take home with you the ability to understand any symbol and claim the wisdom offered in every dream.

No need to remember your dreams to fully participate in this class! Dream recall will improve as a result of this workshop.


Discover your inner wisdom and the healing power of your subconscious, both dreaming and awake - whether you remember dreams or not.

Explore the fascinating connections between your dreams and creativity, emotions, health and relationships.

Encourage your intuitive right brain and linear left brain to work together to solve problems in your life.

  • Learn how to dialogue with dream symbols and waking symbols
  • Increase dream recall
  • Transform nightmares into gifts from your subconscious
  • Use dreams and waking symbols as a path of self-discovery and healing
  • Enhance your confidence and creative expression
  • Enjoy an expanded state of consciousness, both dreaming and awake
  • You will take home with you the ability to find the helpful meaning in any symbol and to claim the wisdom offered in every dream.

(No need to remember your dreams to fully participate!)

Read an excerpt of Jenny’s book, Embracing Your Subconscious, including a sample dream session, on this website.

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Introductory Class: Discover three essential steps to communicate with your body-mind intelligence. Claim the support of your subconscious wisdom to be more creative and achieve goals. Experience increased comfort and connection with yourself through a guided hypnotic experience.

Workshop: Learn personalized self-hypnosis tools and skills that will help you break out of anxiety and restore health, comfort, and resiliency to meet the challenges of life. These take-home skills can be applied any time and any where. They will empower you to reestablish healthy calm and relaxation in your mind and body.

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Liberate Your Creative and Healing Power, Dreaming & Awake

EVERY DREAM, even the most frightening and unpleasant one, has a loving message at its core – a healing message designed to help you balance your relationships, increase creativity, and solve problems in your daily life. Did you know that one dream or subconscious image can help you recognize and understand a problem on many levels at once?

The Dream Intensive will give you practical tools to understand the symbolic language of dreams and the subconscious – so you can uncover the valuable messages you receive 24 hours a day. Plus, you will learn how to work with the energy of your symbols and subconscious to influence them to be more positive, confidence-building and to promote self-healing on all levels.

Each session will deepen your experience of working with your own dreams and includes sharing your progress, receiving instruction, and doing dreamwork with a partner.

These tools aren’t available anywhere else! What you learn at this intensive workshop will stay with you for the rest of your life and transform how you experience your own creativity and potential for change!

  • Discover dreams and waking symbols as a path of self-discovery and healing
  • Learn how to negotiate with and free the energy of dream symbols and waking symbols
  • Enjoy an expanded state of consciousness, both dreaming and awake
  • Transform nightmares into gifts from your subconscious, using Lucid Fantasy and Lucid Dreaming
  • Increase dream recall & gain access to the intuitive and creative potential inside of you

The Dream Intensive is offered as a series of four evenings, once a week; or as a 2-day workshop.


Adventures into Lucid Consciousness

The Advanced Dream Intensive begins where the first Dream Intensive left off. This playful and informative adventure will help you discover and enjoy the “light” side and healing potential of your dream consciousness – in dreams of wonder, wisdom, great beauty and loving self-acceptance.

You will learn how to:

  • Combine the Inner Dialogue with Lucid Fantasy, working in-depth with the “fluid” energy of both dreams and “waking dreams”
  • Identify recurring conflicts, themes and issues in your dreams as a way to focus and accelerate the benefits of dreamwork
  • Incubate lucid dreams and lucid consciousness for greater awareness and self-acceptance
  • Give gentle attention to your inner child; experience a new, loving and healing connection, both dreaming and awake
  • Creatively apply Inner Dialogue and Lucid Fantasy to address specific issues and concerns
  • Create art from dreams: write your own dream poem or haiku, make a dream collage
  • Enhance your integration and growth through powerful affirmations based on your own dream wisdom

The Advanced Dream Intensive is offered as a series of four evenings, once a week, or as a 2-day workshop.

JENNY DAVIDOW, M.A., DCH, has led workshops for over 30 years and is the author of Embracing Your Subconscious - Bringing All Parts of You into Creative Partnership, also published in Spanish and selected for a Book Club edition in Spanish (2002).

Jenny's work appears in three anthologies, Dreamscaping: New and Creative Ways to Work with Your Dreams; Love Games; and The Spirit of Writing.

Jenny is a compassionate and skilled hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is available for individual consultations in person and by telephone or skype.

Read Jenny's full bio.

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