Communication Coaching Will Help You:

  • Track your own and others' communication signals - Read body language, voice tone and facial expressions.
  • Expand your ability to recognize both verbal and nonverbal signals, including requests to connect, feedback on the other person's level of interest, and openings for further connection.
  • Be an effective "reader" of other people's feelings and needs - Know how to accurately read and respond to other's emotions.
  • Become aware of the signals you send - Use nonverbal signals to increase rapport and connection. Learn the basics of how to make good connections.
  • Build trust by learning how to match your words to your body language.
  • Present your ideas convincingly and persuasively. Receive interactive, collaborative coaching that accelerates your learning by adapting to your unique style and needs.
  • Build bridges of connection, including to people who have different communication styles and interests than you. Skillfully adapt your style to other people's styles and needs.
  • Learn by doing - Experience new communication habits both mentally and physically through interactive exercises. Increase your conscious awareness while creating new pathways for confidence and connection on a subconscious level (where most learning takes place!)

Enhance your Communication, Confidence and Relationships

Change limitation into limitless possibility:

  • Identify and dissolve hidden blocks to confidence, relationship, creativity and health
  • Increase your self-confidence in social and professional settings
  • Improve communication skills and your ability to deeply connect with others
  • Improve awareness of your intuitions, emotions and needs
  • Resolve the pain of the past so you can fully enjoy the present
  • Learn how to relax and soothe yourself when you're upset
  • Turn problems into solutions that awakens new awareness and creativity
  • Experience more comfort in the present moment
  • Be more playful and spontaneous
  • End repeating nightmares; influence dreams to be creative and satisfying adventures
  • Understand the valuable guidance subconscious messages offer

Your subconscious holds the key to increasing your confidence and connection with others.

Without the help and support of your subconscious intelligence, your conscious mind is unable to 'will' your habits to change or to make you more comfortable and confident with others.

Communication is largely a dance of nonverbal signals: eye contact, voice tone, gestures, and body language. Your words are only a small portion of any communication.

Without realizing it, you are giving others signals that either increase or decrease contact. These nonverbal signals have far more impact than words! And in the same way, you are subconsciously receiving and responding to the nonverbal signals others give you.

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Embracing Your Subconscious - Bringing All Parts of You into Creative Partnership, offers unique and practical ways to increase your creativity, confidence, and awareness through the power of subconscious communication.

The latest brain research has proven that the brain is able to adapt and change very rapidly, even growing new neurons and reorganizing neuron pathways within a period of weeks, no matter what age you are. For this reason, when you communicate with your subconscious, you are actively reshaping the mind-body pathways that support your success!


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